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But every cloud has a silver lining! Having been a loyal patient of Planet Wellness for about 13 years, the universe conspired in my favor, offering me an opportunity to be part of this incredible team. I officially began my journey here in 2021. What resonates with me deeply at Planet Wellness is not just the work but the heartwarming bond we all share. It's beyond the conventional coworker relationship – it's akin to extending one's family. The genuine care, shared enthusiasm, and mutual support amongst the team and towards our valued patients is truly unparalleled.

Away from work, my happy place is with my husband, Forrest, and our adorable fur baby. We have an 11-year-old Great Dane named Cole, who's nothing short of a beacon of joy in our lives. We had the joy of sharing our lives with Cole's brother, Nieko, for nearly a decade, but we had to bid him a heart-wrenching farewell in October 2022. Before these two, our lives were graced by another Great Dane, Storm, for over 12 enriching years. When I'm not indulging in some canine love, you'll find me rooting for my favorite sports teams or cherishing the simple pleasures of outdoor grilling.


A fun tidbit about my personal life? Forrest and I crossed paths in 1994 on a softball field. While he was nursing an injury and I was there purely for my love for the sport, our initial interactions were, let's say, spirited! Thanks to the after-game team outings, I discovered the genuine soul behind his competitive facade. Fast forward through six years of dating, and we tied the knot in 2000. This August 2023 marked our 23rd anniversary, a journey filled with love, understanding, and countless memories.


Here at Planet Wellness, I'm eager to assist you, share stories, and ensure that your experience is as warm and fulfilling as my journey has been. Looking forward to meeting you!

My professional journey started right after high school in December 1989 with a company I committed to for over three decades. Across those rewarding 30+ years, I embraced various roles and wore multiple hats, many of which were pivotal leadership positions across diverse departments. However, life threw a curveball in 2020 when the company, which had become like a second home to me, shut its doors.

Stacy - Front Desk

Hello! I'm Stacy. At Planet Wellness, I'm a vital presence at the front desk, seamlessly juggling insurance billing and ensuring that all our patrons feel welcomed. But that's not all – I also serve our patients with Advanced Therapies and Neurological Exams


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