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Feeling the need for a change in my life and wanting to make a difference in my children's lives, I embarked on an educational journey. In 2012, I enrolled in Centura College in Virginia Beach, joining their degree program in Allied Health. After years of dedication and hard work, I proudly earned my degree. My career took a turn for the better when, after a year at a spa, one of my former instructors introduced me to the opportunity at Planet Wellness. It's been an incredible 8 ½ years here, and I cherish every moment!

The feeling of trust and friendship, the shared laughter, the joint commitment – everything about Planet Wellness resonates with me. We are more than just coworkers; we are a close-knit family, working seamlessly together. I've had the pleasure of participating in numerous special events both inside and outside the office, and each has been a delightful experience. Engaging with our patients, understanding their stories, and forming personal bonds has been a fulfilling aspect of my journey here.


What stands out for me at Planet Wellness is our unwavering commitment to health and well-being. It warms my heart to see long-term patients, year after year, walking in with radiant smiles, reflecting their satisfaction and the positive impact Dr. Chad and the Planet Wellness team have had on their lives. If you're looking for a healing touch and a team that genuinely cares, you've come to the right place. I look forward to meeting and assisting you on your wellness journey!

My journey into massage therapy is deeply personal. My three beautiful children, particularly two of my boys who were diagnosed with ADHD during their elementary years, inspired me to delve into this profession. Instead of choosing conventional medication, which I felt might affect their personalities and potentially lead to dependency, I ventured into exploring alternative therapeutic solutions. This quest led me to discover the profound benefits of Massage Therapy.

Carolyn - Massage Therapist


Hello there! I'm Carolyn, the Massage Therapist at Planet Wellness. Here, I have the privilege of offering a range of massages, including Swedish (for relaxation), lymphatic drainage, hot stone, stretching, and prenatal massage.


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