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What I Do at the Office: Whenever I make a paw-some appearance at the office, my main job is to make sure everyone feels loved and at ease. With my soft golden fur and gentle eyes, I've been told I have a special way of making hoomans' hearts feel light and joyful. My tail wags aren’t just wags, they’re magic spells of comfort!

A Little Tail About Me: Growing up, I always knew I had a purpose - to spread love and paw-sitivity. I've been trained to be kind, understanding, and always there to lend a paw (or ear). From tiny hoomans to grown-up ones, I’ve melted many hearts and turned many frowns upside down.


Why I Love My Job: There's nothing more rewarding than seeing a hooman smile or hearing a giggle when I nuzzle up to them. Sometimes, all someone needs is a furry friend to make their day brighter. And guess what? That's me! 

Next Time You Visit: Look out for me! If you're feeling nervous or just need some pupper love, I'm here to help. Just give me a gentle pat, and I promise to be your fluffy companion, making your day a little bit better, one wag at a time. 

Fur-tastic Facts About Me:


  • Breed: Medium-sized Goldendoodle
  • Favorite Treat: Peanut butter bones- but always in moderation ;) 
  • Favorite Activity: Welcoming clients with my wagging tail and warm cuddles

Maverick - Therapy Dog


Woof! Hi there, hoomans! I'm Maverick, the fluffiest and friendliest therapy Goldendoodle you'll ever meet!


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