Chiropractic Testimonials

"I was constantly in severe pain and always feeling tired. The doctors could not tell me what was wrong, even after going through numerous tests. I am now feeling better. I have so much energy. It is amazing! I would have been one that was against chiropractic care, but now my attitude is positive about chiropractic care. I tell all my friends about how Dr. Chad has helped me."

- Mary D.

"I went in just thinking I had a little back problem. Well I was wrong. After seeing Dr. Chad I went back to my doctor and gave him Dr. Chad's write up. They did a set of X-rays and a MRI on my lower back. Degenerative disc with bulge at L5 and a bone spur. Dr. Chad took care of my knee pain and neck pain. Man I miss going there. I moved away and I have not found anyone that made you feel like a friend like they did. I even got my wife to go see him. I had to move away and now I am missing Planet Wellness Chiropractic."

- Laz

"For nine years I have suffered from chronic headaches. After doctors tried one or two methods of pain relief that didn't work, I was told to "deal with it". Since I've seen Dr. Chad my headaches have minimized drastically. The attention that you get at Planet Wellness Chiropractic is very individualized and personal. It's great to be treated by friendly, caring individuals who REALLY do love to help."

- Nilsa

"I suffered for two years with chronic chest pain, shortness of breath and dysphagia. I would also experience occasional back spasms that would leave me immobile for hours at a time. I went through twenty-seven different tests; all coming back negative and giving no relief. Dr. Chad did what a cardiologist, gastroenterologist, ENT, allergist, and pulmonologist could not do: he found what was causing my debilitating illness. Dr. Chad goes beyond the call of duty to ensure his patients are on the road to good health. I can't say enough good things about him."

- Rick J.

"I have suffered from asthma for the majority of my life. Dr. Chad has removed the interference and God is healing me from asthma. I am so grateful for Dr. Chad and his wonderful staff."

- Chris

"Dr. Chad did what I call the impossible!! My wife suffered from anxiety attacks and after many trips to the doctors and many meds, she was no better. We went to the free consultation and started treatment with Dr. Chad. My wife has not had any more issues since starting treatments. The staff at Planet Wellness Chiropractic made us feel like we are part of the family. We love Planet Wellness Chiropractic and the staff and look forward to using their services far into the future. Thank you Dr. Chad for improving our way of life!!"

- Alan

"Dr. Chad was listening when I was complaining about my son’s hearing problems and immediately asked if he could see him. After a quick and painless consultation it was obvious that he could help my son. X-rays confirmed that there was definitely a problem that Dr. Chad could help with. After just a few short months of treatment I can definitely say that my son is well. His hearing problems are gone and he is a much happier child. Thank you Dr. Chad!"

- Dee

"They are very giving and helping people. They were very helpful with my family when my son got injured in his neck in a wrestling practice. They go out of their way to help the community."

- Leila


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